Jasubhai Engineering Pvt Ltd (JEPL) was formed in the year 1967 to provide integrated and single point solutions to the customers with an objective of providing technological edge to them. Today,the company has more than 300 employees spread over 10 locations in India and overseas. It has three manufacturing facilities, one in India and two in Dubai. The organisation boasts of highly experienced professionals who have empowered it to achieve expertise modernisation, revamping and retrofitting on-line modification.

JEPL, an engineering arm of Jasubhai Group, today, has pioneered the fields of instrumentation, equipment and engineering forprocess industries. Driven with an utmost desire to 'make a difference' in customers' lives with the best possible solutions, the company steadily developed its operations and established different divisions, including Combustion Engineering, Contract Manufacturing, Material Handling, Process Equipment, Process Automation, Oil & Gas Service and Water Technology. Constant upgradation and advancements in its manufacturing capabilities allowed the company to manufactures a wide range of products under aforesaid divisions. The product range includes industrial oil and gas-fired burners; automatic weighing, bagging, conveying and other material handling systems; valves and valve automation systems, high pressure process equipment & Oil and gas anti-corrosion services. Further, JEPL has also received accolades from customers for providing turnkey engineering solutions in the field of field instrumentation, process automation, contract manufacturing & water technology. ABM division, a division of Jasubhai Engineering Pvt Ltd, specialises in offering contract manufacturing services, which was earlier started as a unit to cater to the in-house requirements, but later expanded into a full-fledged contract manufacturing service provider. JEPL aims to provide "total engineering solutions" to our customers.