IIT Gandhinagar-Endowment


An endowment has been established at IITGN by the Jasubhai Foundation. This endowment will help promote excellence in education and research, and also support “Jasubhai Memorial Chair”.


Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) is a young and dynamic institute (established in 2008) that places significant emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship and community engagement. Its undergraduate program includes several innovative elements, such as an emphasis on the liberal arts, project oriented learning, compulsory courses in design and the life sciences, diversify and international exposure. The students are exposed to the importance of community engagement from the beginning as part of their 5-week Foundation Program. In a short time, IITGN has established centers-of-excellence in several unique areas and is currently in the process of establishing a research park.

The 400 acre campus of IITGN is under phased development near village Palaj in Gandhinagar. IITGN was the last of the IITs established in 2008-09 to be allotted the land in July 2012, with the extraordinary efforts of CPWD and all the stakeholders, IITGN became the first among these IITs to fully shift to its campus and vacate its temporary campus. It is envisioned as a sustainable green campus with minimal carbon footprints through the use of clean and green technologies.

The Auditorium

A state-of-the-art facility with a single elegant appearance the 520-seat auditorium is located at a key location on campus with the formal entrance court Darpan on one side and the Central Vista on the other. Designed with flexibility in mind to host major institute functions of various kinds, the auditorium is also wheelchair-friendly with the state-of-the-art acoustics, audio-video facilities, and built with green features including fly-ash bricks and insulated roofing systems.

A modern approach to the traditional is the way to describe the approach to auditorium furniture Designed to last decades, it is warm, simple, elegant and is naturally left-hander friendly (due to symmetry). Each piece is crafted using CNC machines and laser cutting machines using state-of-the-art facilities, adding a modern, technological touch to the furniture.